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The 100/100 Sporting Shoot Sunday 24th August 2014


For Children’s Hospice South West


There will be a maximum of 100 shooters shooting 100 targets over ten stands.


High Gun prize is £250 with prizes to third place.


There will also be a pool shoot with a 50% payout to the highest score – The estimated payout will be £250+.


In the event of a tie for any prize winning score there will be a shoot off as soon after the final squad have finished shooting as possible. This will take place over ten targets. Any shooter who has left will lose their shoot off by default.


Start 9AM first squad – 4PM final squad


Every 20 minutes a new squad will start stand one with a dedicated scorer and buttoner and progress in order through to stand ten.


Squads to consist of 5 people – we can allow a little variation as this would mean we could process 21 squads a total of 105. Therefore there can be five squads with only four shooters.


Start time is to be promptly observed – anyone who is late can join their squad but any stands already completed will be forfeited.


Squads to present themselves at the dedicated meet point ten minutes prior to their start time.


All cartridges must be felt/fibre wads – anyone found breaking this rule will be disqualified.


Shooters cards within a squad will be rotated by the scorer stand by stand.


No coaching is allowed on the stand.


Guns not to be loaded or closed on the stand until the shooters turn and he/she is ready to call for the target.


The first shooter of a squad at each stand will be shown the targets prior to entering the stand. No birds will be shown to any other shooter on that stand.


Maximum shot size is English 7’s and maximum load is 32g.


Approved hearing and eye protection is to be worn on the stands at all times.


True pairs containing a ‘no bird’ will be shot again with nothing ‘established’. Report pairs with a second bird ‘no bird’ will be shot again with the score on the first original target ‘established’.


Scorers decision is final. Any disputes to be made clear immediately and a referee to be requested. Referees decision is final but the referee will not overrule the scorers observed outcome.


All entries to be by telephone call to Mark Ashley on 07825 640427. Squad times are to be first come first served. You can request the time you wish but if already taken the nearest time will be offered.


The entry fee is £40 per person.


Tea/Coffee/Water will be available free of charge – other refreshments will be available to purchase.