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Shoot Scores 2nd August

Today saw a good mix of weather from heavy rain through to bright sun all within the space of half an hour and made for some interesting shooting.

Just ten scores of 30+ resulted from two very enjoyable layouts. Many thanks to Glen and Colin and those who helped out.

Colin M 22+22 = 44
Andy F’s 23+17 = 40
Dick. 24+16 = 40
Glen. 18+21 = 39
Ian. 20+19 = 39
Guillaume 20+18 = 38
Colin H-P. 19+14 = 33
Tristan 17+16 = 33
Adrian. 13+17 = 30
James. 16+14 = 30

Shoot Scores 19th July

Well it looks as if the standard of shooting generally has finally increased with the biggest number of shooters since recommencement hitting at least 30 ex 50!!

Many thanks to Glen & Colin for their continued hard work and a mention for Andy Francis who topped the grass to help him win this week!! Thanks to all who helped out on the day.

Andy Francis 21+20 = 41
Tim 16+22 = 38
Colin M 14+24 = 38
Andy Chas 17+20 = 37
Ian 18+18 = 36
Mitch 17+18 = 35
Andy Fraser 17+17 = 34
Clive 22+12 = 34
Colin H-P 13+19 = 32
Jerry 14+18 = 32
Lee 17+15 = 32
Guillaume 17+15 = 32
Paul P 13+18 = 31
James 14+16 = 30

Shoot 5th July

Hi All,

Shoot Sunday 5th of July will continue under the Compaq sporting scenario, over two layouts as before.

Please book your squad place as usual through Glen (07900) 265913.

Squad times will run from 9.45am until 11.30 as previously, every 15mins.

Last entries by Friday night 8.30pm

Regards Glen

Sunday 21st Scores

An excellent second shoot back and with the two Compak layouts tweaked it generally proved to be a little trickier than last time. The combined scores of 30 plus are as follows:-

Colin M 20+20 = 40

Ian 19+21 = 40

Guillaume 14+23 = 37

Glen 17+19 = 36

Lee 16+20 = 36

Colin H-P 16+18 = 34

James 20+14 = 34

Andy C 14+18 = 32

Andy F’s 13+19 = 32

Very many thanks to Glen and Colin

Sunday 21st June

Our first shoot back was a success and allowed us all to blow the cobwebs out of the barrels! A few changes for this coming shoot (21st). Compaq sporting will continue over the 2 layouts. We will be trimming the squad intervals to every 15 mins and starting at 9.45am. The last squad to shoot will be 11.30am. Please ensure you are on time. This allows us an earlier finish time, as we weren’t packed away until 2pm last shoot. Once the squads are full, we are full, so if you’re planning on shooting don’t hang around, book in. Last entries by Friday evening 8pm. Contact Glen 07900 265913

Sundays Scores


Ian Pratt‎ to Blagdon Valley Gun Club

18 hrs · 

Firstly I would like to say what a brilliant effort from Glen & Colin for putting on a fantastic shoot over two challenging layouts. It was great to get back and blow the cobwebs away.

That was several days work for Glen & Colin and we are extremely lucky to have such committed people.

As I say it was very challenging and the scores for anyone who totalled at least 30 ex 50 are posted below:-

Glen 20+23 =43
Colin M 20+23 =43
Andy F’s 19+23 =42
Ian 17+24 =41
Colin HP 19+19 =38
Andy C 17+19 =36
Guillaume 18+18 =36
Lee 15+20 =35
Simon 16+18 =34
James 11+19 =30
Paul P 16+14 =30
George 15+15 =30

Sunday 7th June

Just a polite reminder if you don’t pre book via Glen for Sundays shoot you wont be able to play, so ring glen and pay your money direct into our bank account.

Mark Ian Glen Colin

Important Notice : COVID-19

Important notice : COVID-19

Having thought long and hard about this we have reluctantly taken the decision to close the gun club for the time being.
We did discuss carrying on shooting without opening the shed or taking physical money or using score cards and using gloves for buttoning etc and these looked attractive options if it gave people some opportunity to enjoy some sporting activity and fresh air.
However, on the other hand we felt it would not send the right message to others in the village who were not aware of the measures we had taken and could easily think we were being cavalier in the face of the constraints we are all being asked to face.
On balance therefore we have erred on the side of caution. We will keep reviewing the position with the aim of re-opening as soon as we can.
We hope you, your families and friends all stay well at this time and look forward to seeing you all again before too long.
With all best wishes
Ian, Glen, Mark and Colin