Alan Hills

Good Morning,

I trust that you are all well and that the club is as vibrant as ever. Certainly seems so, I keep abreast of events via the excellent web site.

I thought that you and the Club may be unaware that Alan, has been diagnosed with dementia and cancer, with a terminal prognosis of two months to live. I became aware in late August and Lynne and I have been keeping in touch with him on the phone weekly and visiting every four weeks.

He is keeping in remarkably strong spirits, although of course becomes very depressed and frustrated at times. We saw him on Thursday last (08th), checking the visitors book at reception I noted that he had not had a visitor for a couple of days, I get the impression that sometimes the period between visitors is considerably longer.

I am sure that additional visitors would be very welcome, particularly from the Club, as he knows so many over the long years of membership that he so enjoyed. Barbara his wife is 82 yrs on 22 November and struggles without a car to make the journey and therefore does so infrequently, from their home in Cheddar to Winterbourne. It may perhaps be possible for a Club member living locally, to combine the visit with giving Barbara a lift. I am sure that it would be greatly appreciated by both Al and Babs.

Alan is at: Blossom Fields Nursing Home, 86 High Street, Winterbourne, BS36 1 RB.
Telephone: 0117 3301400. His own mobile: 07742 130845.
Barbara’s email address is
Visiting hours are unlimited.

I know that you all appreciate that the very essence of the Club from the early days of 1979 was one of mutual support for past and present members. I am sure that this worthy ethos is as strong and vibrant today, as it was all those years ago.

Kind Regards,

Dominic O’Connor.